Is Color Oops Safe for Your Hair?

This product isn’t harmful to your hair since it doesn’t have ammonia or bleach. When learning about this product, you can see many positive comments.

So, is it a great product for repairing your damaged hair? No, it isn’t. This product is a simple hair color remover. Keep reading this article to learn more about this product.

It is a Simple Hair Color Remover

If you keep your hair in a nice condition, this remover will not damage it. On the other hand, if it is damaged due to continuous processing, it may be in the same state after you use this product. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect a miracle.

In case you still are not sure that this product can damage your hair or not, there will be two options for you.

First, you can go to a professional salon to get an evaluation from a hairdresser before you remove your hair color.

Second, before you apply this hair remover to the whole, it’s better to apply it on a little strand first. Then, you can see how it responds to the product.

We recommend you do a test on a piece of your hair. This is a simple way you can do it.

Indeed, you just need to mix a little bit of the two-color removers in the Color Oops kit. Then, apply it to a small part of the hair.

After that, let the remover do for about one day. If you notice it responds greatly after one day, you can continue to apply it to the whole head.

On the contrary, stop applying it to the rest of your hair becomes dry, gummy, and broken.

The Way to Apply Color Oops Properly to Avoid Damaging Your Hair

It is not difficult to apply Color Oops. You won’t have to worry about any risks of this product.

More importantly, you have to know how to use it right. Many women purchase these color removers and apply them to hair without reading the instructions.

If you see the product comes with instructions, don’t miss it. There is no reason why you don’t read it.

Besides, you can also find their instructions online on a lot of websites and videos available. It is unacceptable to miss reading the instructions of Color Oops before applying them.

Find a Room with the Right Ventilation

First, you need to find a room with the right ventilation to apply the product. Almost all the purchasers said that this one has a strong odor, although it is free of ammonia or bleach. The reason is that it contains other chemicals that bring smell.

It’s essential to look for the right position to do the hair treatment. You shouldn’t do it in your bathroom without any windows.

Instead, you should find one where the air moves. It’s best to choose a space with a fan or windows.

Prepare the Mixture

The next step is to prepare the mixture. The color Oops kit includes two containers, including the smaller and the bigger ones.

You will have to add the entire contents of the first container to the second one. After that, put the top back on the second one as well as mix well to combine the two liquids.

Apply the Mixture to your Hair

You should wear the gloves coming with the color Oops kit before beginning applying the mixture to your hair. Use your hand to distribute this mixture down your hair.

Make sure you massage into any section. This purpose is to penetrate your hair deeply. You have to apply it quickly. It’s a good idea to ask your cousin, friend, or neighbor to help you.

The Mixture Needs Time to Take Effect

If you already covered your hair completely, you need to use a shower cap to cover it. Then, wait for 30 minutes.

Wash Your Hair Well

After waiting for 30 minutes, you can get the color Oops out of your hair. You can wash it with warm water. Use shampoo to wash your hair. Then, apply a conditioner to finish washing to hydrate it.


Now, you get the answer if the Color Oops can damage your hair. Also, we have already let you know how to apply the product right.

If you are still not sure if the product is safe for your hair, you can read its reviews from other users. Besides, you can also learn about it by watching videos on Youtube.

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