Update your wardrobe on a budget

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If you are one of those people who say “I’ve got nothing to wear” each morning, it means that you are always ready for a wardrobe update. People always tend to think that in order to look good, they need to buy some more clothes, rather than working with the items they already have. While it is true that you can create impressive attires with items you have not been wearing for years, new seasons bring new tendencies. At least twice a year, designers launch new collections and these are a real inspiration for those passionate about fashion. Of course, you cannot change your entire wardrobe completely many times a year, but you are probably tempted to buy some new stuff anyways. So, if your budget is limited (or sometimes even inexistent), you need to implement some simple tips and tricks that enable you to get new goods for your closet, but also prevent a complete financial fiasco. Get great results with little money, using these savvy suggestions:

1.Make an assessment

While you may think that there is absolutely nothing you can fit into your day to day attires, look twice because things may not be that bad. Take time to assess the current situation of your wardrobe and make a list of the items you are planning to keep. There are, undoubtedly, some pieces of clothing you can still keep, such as the basic ones: a little black dress, a classic cut blazer, some jeans, a neutral cardigan, a solid color pair of trousers and a pencil skirt. These are completely timeless so there is no reason to throw them away and buy some new ones. Use the above mentioned list as the foundation for the upcoming items you are going to purchase. Buy some stuff to help you mix and match, and this is how you will create beautiful stylish attires.

2.Look for sales

Shopping wisely means buying valuable things in exchange for less money than you would normally pay to get them. For this reason, if you want to be smart, then you should wait to update your wardrobe during the sales period. Look for Vivetta dress sale during the end of season, because that is when the greatest discounts are going to happen. Basically, stores are trying to get rid of all their products in order to make room for new collections, so it is the perfect timing for people who want to make life long investments as far as clothes are concerned. The clearance season normally takes place in March and April (for spring), and immediately after winter holidays (January).

3.Work with layers

It is incredible how layering can change the entire aspect of an attire or piece of garment. Try to mix as much as you can, especially during spring and autumn – the perfect seasons for wearing more than one layer. Besides looking great, this will also be very fun.