Unique ways to accessorize a saree

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If you want to travel to India and you want to experience their lifestyle, then you should wear a saree, because this is the common Indian outfit for women. Indian women wear sarees both at their workplace and during a date with their friends, but the models can differ from an occasion to another. The saree is a perfect outfit in itself, and you will feel great wearing it, but this does not mean that you cannot enhance its beauty with a few accessories. Because you do not have experience in wearing this type of clothes, you may not know how to accessories them. But it is quite simple to do it, you only have to take care to not look unappealing or overdressed. Also, you would want to avoid the case of looking like you have just stepped out of the dressing room, because draping a Perbodh Nath Agarwal saree has its secret. With the right amount of accessories, you will manage to achieve a look that will impress everyone around you.

Statement necklaces and earrings

In case you want to wear statement necklaces, you have to skip wearing the same type of earrings, because you will look overwhelming. Too much accessorizing will do nothing else, than to take away the focus from your outfit. When it comes to statement necklaces, you have to make sure that you choose one that enhances the beauty of the saree. Less is more when it comes to statement pieces, so one item is more than enough. A huge trend is to pair statement earrings with sarees. So you should take a look on the market and see what pair complements you saree and wear it. If you want to achieve an effortlessly look, and everyone to admire you, for your grace, then you should opt for heavy jhumkas, chandbalis and other similar pieces of traditional jewelry.

Complete your look with a handbag

The earrings and necklaces help you look amazing, but you need to consider having some useful accessories. So you should choose a handbag to wear with your saree. In the bag, you can place your cell phone, money and makeup essentials. And in case you are a businesswoman, then you can choose a bigger bag and carry with you important paperwork. It is important not to stuff the bag with too many items, because it will harm your shoulders and neck. If you want to wear the saree to the office, then you can wear a leather bag or a simple purse.

Choose stylish but comfortable footwear

You already know that a pair of shoes is essential for your attire. You would not go without footwear on the street, so you have to make sure that you choose a pair that suits your outfit and accessories. Even if sarees are long, and they cover your feet, this does not mean that shoes are not visible, and the wrong pair can ruin your outfit. So make sure that you match them with the saree, and if you do not know what to wear, you can opt for a pair of nude sandals or flats, because they work with any type of outfit.