Top Fashion Trends Of 2013

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Keeping on top of the latest fashion trends can be a challenge, creating a vibrant market for sites like My Retail Media & Retail News. Every season, new looks and new styles dominate the catwalks, influencing what you can expect to see on the streets in the weeks and months to follow. This year, 2013, has been a landmark year for fashion, with some older trends coming back in vogue, alongside the latest new fashions and trends. With an array of distinctive looks on the catwalk and glossy pages, there has been much for fashionistas to get their teeth into. But what have been the classic looks that have defined this year, and where might fashion be headed as we bring this year toward its close?

  • Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks made a spectacular comeback in 2013, providing the perfect sleek style for both day and evening wear. They complete a more formal-casual look that has been prevalent on the catwalks this year. The high-rolled neck and often-pastel colors make turtlenecks equally suitable for the office as the bar or cinema, and they work well as a wardrobe staple with a range of other outfits and styles.

  • Knitted Beanies

Headwear has been very much in vogue in 2013, with woolen beanies the undoubted king of them all. Slumped black beanies in particular have helped complete a range of sophisticated looks. As an accessory, a knitted beanie can be made instantly formal or casual, depending on your outfit, making them a flexible addition to the wardrobe lineup. And with the colder months now upon us, there’s never been a better time to don the knitted beanie, as the icing on the cake to your outfit.

  • Slouch Pants

Comfortable, baggy yet highly shaped, slouch pants are cutting it in both formal and street wear collections. The ideal complement to a turtleneck, slouch pants are being worn at equal ease in the office as out on the town. Floaty fabrics have been right on trend this year, and trousers continue to be a stylish option for a range of outfits. Slouch pants in particular have given this year a trademark look.

  • Over Knee Boots

It wouldn’t be fashion without a round up of what’s happening in boots and shoes. This year has been all about over knee boots, and longer fitted leather boots. These make the legs look slimmer, in addition to making the wearer look taller. As a perfect accompaniment to any outdoor or eveningwear setup, over knee boots give a classic, stylish look that is set to continue into the early seasons of the new year.

  • Shades Of Green

As far as colors are concerned, 2013 has been the year of the green. Those in the know about fashion are opting for traditional shades of green, including British Racing green and washed out, lighter shades. These can look particularly good with a range of skin-tones, and help complete a look that is so typical of this year in fashion.
Fashions might constantly change, but having a solid grasp on what’s in vogue now can help you dress appropriately for any future occasion. As we move in toward 2014 collections, it remains to be seen what the world’s most creative designers have in store.