Tips to buy the right underpants

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Underpants are one of the most important pieces of clothing a man owns. Underwear is present in the life of men for approximately 7000 years. Prehistoric men used leather to cover their intimate parts. Later, Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese followed their example using all kind of materials to cover themselves. Nowadays, it represents an indispensable piece of wardrobe for both men and women. Underpants are important being an intimate piece of clothing. Although not everybody can see them, they have to be chosen carefully as any other clothing article because their main objective is to make a man feel comfortable. Here are some tips about how to find the perfect pair of drawers.

They are a long term investment

If you want to find and buy something of quality that lasts you have to invest a little more and avoid being thrifty. At the end of the day, quality is more important than quantity. You have to feel comfortable therefore, your underwear’s fabric has to be sterling, in order to avoid ruptures and signs of wear. So instead of spending less money  to buy many pairs of cheap fabric underpants that you would have to throw away after a few wears, spend a little more to buy less pairs of  Cams Underpants that will last longer.

Find fitting underpants

First of all, you have to match the underpants to your body type. A pair of undies that is too small for you will make you fill uncomfortable and restrict the ability to move. It will also cause sweating that leads to stains. At the same time, a pair that is too large for your body size will be unaesthetic, causing wrinkles that are noticeable through your clothes. So, be objective and honest about your body type because this is the first step in finding what you need.

You must own a variety of styles

You should own a variety of underwear for different occasions such as going to the gym, going to work or jogging. The most important thing is to buy something that makes you feel comfortable. There is a variety of underpants you can choose from. For example, men love boxers because they are suitable for sleeping and going to the beach .They were invented for boxers in the 20’ but gained popularity long time after. Equipped with an elastic waistband they are a good alternative for an everyday style. Briefs have elastic legs openings and waistband. This style provides enough support for physical activities. Boxer briefs are a combination between the two types above mentioned. Their structure gives support for any physical activities. This is the most appreciated and used type of undies by men.


Follow these simple tips in order to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. Choosing the right type of underwear is not hard. You can experiment with the fabric and style of underpants to see what satisfies you more. It is recommended to buy extra pairs because you never know when you might need them. You can try different colours, designs and cuts depending on your personal tastes.