Tips for finding your fashion inspiration

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Fashion wise, it is important for us to find inspiration on different sources, such as magazines or people who seem to do a great job fashion wise. For example, male models do a great job at mixing clothing pieces, styles and accessories, so they create a unique outfit. As a male, if you are interested in finding great inspiration in terms of fashion, Andre Birleanu is a great model to start with, because his style is versatile and unique. Also, there are many social media platforms of highly fashionable individuals, where you might find the inspiration you need. Below are some great sources for finding new trends are style you might enjoy.

1. Model profile webpages are a great place to start from

Yes, our best advice is finding a model you like, and research their style. A stylish model, like Andre Birleanu, might be a great start, since his style is complex, versatile and somehow easy to replicate. And remember, if a model is wearing expensive designer clothes, there are more affordable alternatives. Search second hand shops, since they are such great places for finding unique pieces. Maybe you would like to create a look book, where you gather all the models that inspire you, for an easier process of becoming the best-looking male you ever been.

2. Social media platforms are fashion goldmines as well

After you decide whose model’s look and style you like the most, maybe it is time for you to start following them on all social media platforms you have an account on. Instagram, for example, is a great place where to find stunning outfits put together by professionals. Replicating those outfits should not be the hardest part, but you must remember you have to work on the attitude as well. Models are well known for their confident attitude. Work on that if you want your style have the same impact as theirs.

3. Study them on videos so you acquire a proper attitude

Models walk and pose in a completely different manner than the rest of us, and maybe if you start watching some of their videos you become familiar with their moves. Luckily, the large majority have on their presentation pages multiple videos. You can study those and practice. Practice makes everything better, people!
Here are some basics on how to become a more fashionable individual and where to find the inspiration you need for managing this.