Three signs you really need a haircut

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With the haircut trends changing from short to long and back to short every year, women have a hard time keeping up with the trends and are often forced to let their hair grow to the desired length in a short period. To ensure that they will reach the perfect length as soon as possible, they avoid getting a haircut. However, avoiding the salon for a while will do more harm than good, because trimming your hair from time to time will make it look healthier and it will ultimately encourage the hair’s growth. A trim every couple of weeks is highly recommended especially for women that wish to let their hair grow and need to hurry the process. Make sure to explain your hairstylist your purpose, because he/she can help you achieve your goal faster. Professional salons like Starz Salon Spa use high quality hair products that encourage growth, so you could take advantage of the regular salon visit to ask your hairstylist for a treatment as well. You can easily tell when you need a haircut; you only need to find one of the following signs.

Split and dry ends

This is the best signal you can receive. If you have split and dry ends, your hair needs a haircut urgently, because these fried ends announce the destruction of your lovely hair. The splits and damage will not stop only to the ends and you will soon find yourself with more and more damaged hair. The aspect of your hair will also get worse with time.

Your roots start to see

As a general rule of thumb, when you start to see your roots, it is high time to get a haircut. Women that dye their hair have an easier time telling how much their hair has grown, because of the roots. If you decide that you need to dye your hair, you should also consider asking your hairstylist for a trim as well. Dyed hair is more prone to get deteriorated, so you need to trim it more often anyways.

You do not remember the last time you got a haircut

You should schedule appointments at your salon at least every 4-6 weeks to ensure that you will have a healthy and stunning hair. If more than two months pass from your last haircut, your ends will start to split and deteriorate. Keeping your ends healthy is important, if you wish your hair to grow fast.