The influence of makeup on women’s personality

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Makeup is usually perceived as a trifle rather than a necessity, although many women cannot go out of the house without putting on at least foundation. While it is clear that woman who wear makeup are perceived differently by both men and women due to the fact that they appear more attractive, not many are aware of the positive effects that a makeover Ottawa can have on the mind. Besides the fat that the person who puts on the makeup feels more comfortable with her flaws and can change the mood, many researches that have been recently carries out show that a total makeover can be beneficial at multiple levels.

The impact of the colors used

The connection between colors and feelings has been researched by scientists for many years and studies claim that certain color have the power to influence the present state of mind. For instance, the color of the wall or the color of the lipstick that the person is wearing can either make the person more or less productive or even to induce a feeling of sadness or happiness. This is the reason for which certain colors are associated with certain seasons and why certain outfits that contain bright colors are considered to be more alive than outfit that is made of gloomy dark pieces.
Blue and red

Researches show that many colors, including blue can induce a calm mood. This is why nay woman should either pint her nails blue or apply blue eye shadow. Blue is the color of the sea and the sky and this is the reason for which it is associated with peace and tranquility. In color symbolism, blue symbolises loyalty, heaven, truth, etc. Along with orange and yellow, red is most commonly associated with energy due to the fact that it is a bright color. Red is the universal symbol of passion because it is the color of blood and the intensity of its shade is said to stimulate the human metabolism. Another reason for which the red lip is so popular is the fact that it is highly visible and it basically stimulates the senses.

In conclusion, a good makeover can completely transform any woman. Besides the fat that makeup can increase the level of attractivity of a woman, it can also make her seem more competent. The answer lies in the fact that makeup gives the impression of a symmetrical face which is considered by many to denote intelligence.