The bow blouse – the star of 2015 fashion weeks

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The beginning of fashion weeks is an important event for all those who are somehow elated to the industry. Twice a year, designers, fashion icons or just people interested in their looks gather in the most important cities of the world, in order to find out what is “in” and what is “out” in the following season. During about one week, cities such as Paris, New York, London, Milan or Madrid become the house of most important figures of fashion. A couple of weeks ago, New York hosted the great event where famous “houses” and designers presented their new collections, launching the trends for next year’s street style, and not only. While new tendencies came along, old ones seem to also have a great comeback, and one of the most remarkable is the “pussy-bow blouse”. Although most people have forgotten about this garment piece, extremely popular decades ago, it seems that it is the statement piece of the next season, in terms of fashion.

Bringing the bow blouse back, a courageous decision

Specialists say that designers took a risk when they decided to re-launch the bow blouse, given the fact that most people think it still belongs to the Thatcher era. Contrary to the common belief, the clothing piece was successfully brought to contemporary times and everyone was amazed by how creative designers could get, using ribbons and bows. These versatile fabrics allowed them to improvise a lot, and this could be clearly seen in the new collection of Alessandro Michele, the creative director of the famous house Gucci. But he was not the only one who included this element in its creations: Clare Waight Keller, from Chloé, chose slimmer bows with a bohemian touch, while at Pucci, the lace ribbons stole the show. All these creations managed to make bows and ribbons relevant again, in a world where femininity lines seem to be more and more blurry.

The blow blouse seems to be extremely versatile

The misconception according to which wearing a bow around the neck cannot be anything but a sign of masculinity has been clearly eliminated after last New York’s fashion week. The ribbons have not disappeared for good from women’s outfits, but they were almost every time used to create tomboyish looks, being clearly associated with masculinity. However, the romantic, bohemian and even ladylike attires recently presented by designers proved that ribbons can actually be versatile and feminine. They can become part of a bottom down look, attached to an elegant dress or even used as scarves – the bows had a renaissance, and however you decide to wear them, you will be extremely fashionable.