Stories about Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

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Anna Faris is a Hollywood comedy actress best known for her wacky and even racy characters from the Scary Movie series. However, during the past few years her career has been revitalized by comedy movies such as The Dictator and What’s Your Number?. Some claim this renewed career success has to do with her plastic surgery operations and how she’s modified her looks.

There are no Anna Faris plastic surgery rumors to create drama around; Anna has always admitted to resorting to plastic surgery in order to enhance her looks. She has never been one of the more beautiful and sensual women in Hollywood, but she was pretty and talented enough to make something of herself. As time passes and we age however, we start to feel the pressure of not matching up to certain beauty standards, and this is even more common with celebrities and people whose careers depend on looks as well.

Thus, one of the most important Anna Faris plastic surgery interventions was a breast implant; if we look at photos from before and compare them to photos of the present, there is a clear difference between her breast sizes. Because she has such a small cup, the augmentation is quite visible, but overall the job seems well done and her figure is more curvaceous and attractive. She even dyed her hair blonde once her new appearance was complete, surprising everyone with golden locks instead of her brunette ones.

Anna Faris seems to be an example of how to turn into a blonde sex-bomb overnight; from the scrawny, skinny brunette girl we used to know, she turned into the 21st century version of Goldie Hawn. Other plastic surgery interventions that Faris underwent are a quite visible rhinoplasty, which defined her nose, and Botox injections for her lips and cheeks. While her breast job is very successful, we have to admit her lips look too forced and over the top, because they used to be so thin.

All in all Anna Faris plastic surgery operations were successful and since her career has seen a boost, we can only assume that her choices were worth it, especially since the star herself admitted to having suffered from low self esteem all her life.