Ribbons in 2017 fashion trends

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Who doesn’t love fashion? Not only do clothes make you look pretty, but you can play with your creativity and imagination. It is amazing what you can do with fashion, absolutely amazing. It is true that you need to find your own style, but at the same time, you might want to consider trends. You don’t have to place them on a pedestal. Just consider them. Trends sometimes give you a great start in discovering what type of outfits you could create. This year, ribbons are very much appreciated. Those everyday ribbons you love so much and which you might have used so far to tie flower bouquets, to add a bit of style to your home. Now, it is time you bring them in fashion.

Ribbons and necklaces

Surely you have noticed that a few stars have tied velvet ribbons around their necks, proudly wearing their new accessories. The great thing about it is that you can add this accessory to any outfit, it is elegant, fashionable, modern and most importantly, highly affordable. There is absolutely no reason for which you should invest in velvet ribbons to wear as a necklace. As a tip, although all colours would work, depending on your outfit of course, black is still the preferred colour.

Ribbons in the hair

This is such a romantic practice and so very welcomed by women. 2017 is an interesting year in fashion. A lot of boyish looks are promoted and they are spectacular. However, through all those hair shortcuts and masculine suits, ribbons make their way in the spotlight, just to be even more appreciated by women. Ribbon headbands, ribbon hairstyles, ponytails, all are highly appreciated and they are proudly worn by women. So, go ahead, feel beautiful and feminine.

Ribbons on your hands

This is an elegant touch and it can turn any outfit into something truly sophisticated. This idea is so simple and affordable, being rather obvious why it has made its way in the 2017 fashion trends. Anyone can wear this beautiful bracelet and it can be your personal work of art. Here is goes, the ribbon bracelet. You will need a few ribbons, of different colours. Now tie them together, attentively, on a single band. It can be a hair band, simple, black one. You now have a bracelet, feminine and colourful bracelet.

Ribbons are always good to have around, because they can serve a lot of purposes. So invest in them and 2017 is going to be a highly creative year.