Revlon Hair Color

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When choosing to dye your hair, it’s important to know what products to use, but also to know what colors suit you and what colors don’t. Modifying your hair color is among the most dramatic changes you can make to your appearance, and a good choice can transform you from the unnoticed girl into the talk of the town. Yet a poor choice can ruin your hair for good or damage it in ways that are difficult to correct.

Colors like red or dark black are best suited for white-skinned women, whereas warm browns and dark blondes look well on olive-skinned women. The easiest way to learn what colors suit you best is to ask advice from a professional hair stylist. There are four methods you can use to color your hair, the first being temporary colors. If you’re not sure you want to permanently change your hair color you can use these products that last for about eight washes and then are gone. That way you can experiment with different colors, like fire red or caramel brown without giving up on your natural shade.

Another product you can use to change your hair color is semi-permanent colors, which last a bit longer, after some twenty shampoo washes. Then there’s highlighting, which entails applying streaks of a different color to the one you already have. The last and most popular choice are the permanent colors, which you apply on the whole hair uniformly to achieve and entirely new color.

But like we mentioned above, it’s important to know what products to use. Some of the best products are offered by Revlon hair color, especially in their new Colorsilk collection. Revlon hair color is good for use both at home by yourself and by your stylist in a salon. Revlon hair color offers a large variety of hair colors and hair products, like their products that are especially designed for root coloring or for highlighting.

Some of the best shades offered by Revlon hair color are lightest golden brown – which is a very popular shade this year, especially for young and active women with long, wavy hair –, the true auburn – which is a reddish brown appropriate for more mature women –, a deep rich brown – which is best suited for brown-haired women who want to keep a natural look. Other shades from the Colorsilk Revlon hair color include the mahogany brown, dark golden brown, dark brown, medium ash brown, and many other black shades.