Red Hair Shades

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There are countless red hair shades, though naturally red hair occurs very rarely in both men and women. Nevertheless, hair product companies offer a large variety of red hair color shades, to fit any desire and preference. Those that want to maintain their natural red color when they start getting gray hairs, or those that simply wish to make a change in their appearance can opt for a number of reds, starting with more natural ones and ending with vibrant, shocking and powerful reds.

If your natural color is other than red, then dyeing your hair like this requires a little thinking and research, because not all skin types can sport red hair shades and still look natural. However, almost anyone can wear their hair red with the right attitude and hairstyle. There are different terms that describe the various red hair shades, like fiery red, copper red, titian red which is lighter than auburn, meaning it’s more to the red side than the brown, carrot red, strawberry blonde which is a blonde with red undertones, ginger red, which is very common with natural red-haired people, chestnut or mahogany, which is the darkest shade of auburn. These are the main colors, but in between them there are infinite variations you can choose from.

As for choosing your red hair shades to fit your complexion, it is good to know that generally pale skin tones go very well with strawberry blonde shade or ginger, because darker reds will only wash out the features. If you are a natural blonde it will be fairly easy to switch to strawberry or ginger, but even for dark brown hair or dark blonde hair, warm shades of red are more suitable. For medium skin tones, medium red hair shades are the safest bet. Auburn is a good option in a moderate shade, but if you’re not decided on totally changing your hair color you can opt for lowlights or highlights depending on how dark or light your hair color is. If you want to pursue this method you should ask for the help of a specialist, because a shade too light or too dark can ruin your whole appearance.

Though copper reds and light orange reds are very popular this season, medium toned skin isn’t very well complimented by them, so they should be avoided. As for olive skin tones, they are best represented by the darker, cooler shades of red, like burgundy or violet-influenced reds. Overall, the most important thing is to not be afraid of change and to accept challenges; if you’re just not that confident in your taste or skills, visit a hair salon and let them help you choose the most suitable red color for you.