Red Hair Color Ideas

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Red-haired women have always been a special category, as this hair shade, whether natural or dyed, is spectacular and eye-turning. Luckily, red is becoming more and more popular and more women, celebrities and otherwise are turning to this color, and they look fabulous. But red is a difficult shade, so you have to be careful when choosing to dye your hair like that. First of all, there are many red shades and some of them only fit certain skin types. The great thing about red shades is that, depending on their intensity, they can make for great hair color ideas for brunettes but also for blondes. In what follows we’ll come up with a few red hair color ideas and how we can know what to choose.

A very popular red shade has been the copper, which looks amazing on celebrities like Adele, Emma Stone or Kirsten Stewart. This electrical shade of red can also be two-toned. If your actual hair color is darker, like brunette, black or dark red, you can add a layer of copper on top, making sure the base color is visible underneath or at the tips.

There are many red hair color ideas, but one of the funkiest is the multi colored highlights. If you are an energetic and original woman that likes to experiment with new and daring colors, this might be for you. Add highlights to your natural dark hair, or dark red hair by applying streaks of orange-red, pink, and ruby. This is a complex look, so it might be better if you ask a stylist to help you out, as an amateur endeavor might turn into something horrible.

One of our favorite red hair color ideas was the ginger. Though it hasn’t been very popular in past years, there is an obvious change of opinion lately. There are many shades of ginger you can choose from, so consult your stylist for advice on what’s best for you. The strawberry blonde is another hair color that has gained popularity in recent years. Strawberry blonde is a shade right between red and blonde and it’s a very daring color, but it can look good on almost anyone.

If you like power colors and drastic style changes, you might like the fire engine red, a color Rihanna has been sporting recently. This is a color for young, active party girls who like attention and it goes well with punk outfits. It is also one of the best hair color ideas for brunettes. Scarlett Johansson offered some great red hair color ideas with her hairstyle changes over the years, but our favorite was her subtle scarlet which goes great with her green eyes. There are many other red shades out there, like the pinks and the cotton candy looks, but you have to choose whatever you think suits you best.