Quick ways to upgrade a casual outfit to an office one

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Working in an office is many girls’ dream job, but fashion-wise it can make you be stuck in a bit of a creative rut, especially if you’re not the one to constantly shop for clothes. Creating a capsule wardrobe for the office can be a challenge, one of the hand because office pieces then to be more expensive and on the other hand because you have to think of ways to mix and match your clothes so that they don’t get boring or repetitive. The key to amazing office outfits, however, isn’t to own a lot of clothes. All you need are some basic pieces, which you can easily upgrade with office elements. You will need a couple of simple blouses or t-shirts, a pair of black jeans, a pair of black trousers and a blazer. Next up, use these quick tips for an office upgrade:

Complete your outfit with a leather briefcase

There’s a reason why leather briefcases never go out of style. They are very practical, so you can even fit your laptop in them but, more than that, they can instantly add a formal touch to your outfit. Even if you’re wearing a plain white tee with black jeans, the leather briefcase will make you look put together and office appropriate. Leather briefcases come in all sorts of colors nowadays, but we recommend that you stick with black or brown, because they go with anything.

Wear a belt

A high quality, leather belt is a great way to add a formal touch to an otherwise casual outfit, so make sure you invest in it. If black seems too harsh and you’re more into pastel colored clothes, then use a brown or beige one instead.

Tuck in your blouse

The art of tucking in your blouse isn’t easy to master, but once you learn how to do it, you’ll see that your outfits look much better. Wearing a shirt over your trousers can give you a casual look, not to mention that it won’t flatter your figure either.


Any outfit can look plain without the right accessories, which is why you shouldn’t leave for the office without adding a few key pieces. The best accessories that can upgrade an outfit and still be appropriate for the office are a watch and a necklace. If the office dress code allows it, you can ever wear a statement necklace.