Platinum Blonde Hair

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Blondes have always been in the center of attention and are still considered by some to be the sexiest and most appealing women. Just when we think of icons like Marilyn Monroe, or celebrities like Madonna or Pamela Anderson, one can understand why men are so attracted to blonde women. Yet there are countless shades of blonde, starting with very light browns that shine like gold in the sun all the way up to platinum blonde hair, which looks quite unnatural, yet very spectacular and even shocking.

Women like Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve were sixties fashion and beauty icons, and they both sported a lot of different shades of blonde along the years. There were times when artificially blonde women, or women with dyed hair in general, were associated with loose morals, but that is not the case anymore. Blonde has been a top favorite of both men and women, and it’s still the color many women aspire to these days. Though recent years have seen a powerful trend with natural browns and even powerful red hair colors, blonde is still considered supreme by many.

Perhaps our fascination with platinum blonde hair stems from the fact that not every woman can pull it off. Yes, there have been many attempts, but if blonde doesn’t suit you, it will look horrible, and even if it suited you, a poorly applied blonde color, or an unfortunate blonde shade choice will have disastrous effects on your looks. Besides, platinum blonde hair isn’t for just any type of woman; the platinum blonde hair is for the vibrant, feisty woman who likes to party and to be in the center of attention.

If you decide you want to go for a blonde hair color, especially the platinum blonde hair, you must know that they are difficult colors to maintain. First of all, colors like blonde and red tend to dry the hair and if they are not maintained fresh they lose their shine and your hair loses elasticity. So if you’re going to make a drastic change and go from darker colors to platinum blonde hair, you should ask for a stylist’s help. It is important not only how you apply the color, but what products you use as well, so don’t be cheap when it comes to making such an important change. Hair is very important to most, if not all women. It can make or break your appearance and style, and if you damage it the only solution is to wait for it to grow back, and in some extreme cases it will be forever damaged and thinned, so be very careful when you decide to dye it blonde.