Miley Cyrus Fashion Ideas

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The first thing you need to know before adopting the Miley Cyrus fashion style is that you have to be very bold because the clothes the singer wears are very expressive. She likes to show her rebel side thorough her outfits, which generates various reactions among people around her.

Miley Cyrus is a one of the stars who started being famous from a fragile age. Being known to people implies many responsibilities and requires respecting certain rules. That is why it’s harder for a child to be exposed to public than for a grownup. Teenager celebrities must constantly take care about the way they look and about the way they act as they are the subject of numerous teen fashion advice magazines. The worst happens when they lose the right to make their own choices regarding small and unimportant things, and somebody else takes control over their lives.

Unlike normal teenagers, famous children are not allowed to make any mistakes and they have to submit to a certain discipline. That includes fashion and style, too. They have to wear the clothes their managers think that are suitable, and the makeup their parents think is proper, which can cause many frustrations. That is why the Miley Cyrus fashion used to be different from what we see these days.

When she started her career Miley was fourteen, and her style involved long princess hair and cute, girly outfits. She used to be very conservative those days and she could easily be a source of inspiration for teen fashion advice. As time passed she started to feel the need to express herself and her true personality, and she wanted the whole world to know that by releasing the album“Can’t be tamed” .

It wasn’t long until the Miley Cyrus fashion started to include more revealing items and bold accessories. She cut her long and curly hair short and she opted for a blonde hairdo. The most important thing her style reflects is a rebellious and confident attitude. She gives the impression she doesn’t care about what others think, and all she wants to do is discover herself after a long period of people controlling her every move. While we admire her knack for transforming herself and creating a whole new career separate from her image as Hannah Montana, we hope she won’t go too far with these metamorphoses; she is still a young lovely woman, and it would be sad to see her adhering to the celebrities plastic surgery trend in order to modify her body. So far, she seems to have steered clear of plastic surgery, but since she’s already known as a rebellious and provocative star, we can never know for sure how she will surprise us next.

If you want to show everyone you are not afraid of changes, opt for a short haircut, short pants, high heels and transparent blouses. Accessories and makeup play their role, too. Miley likes to wear many bracelets and long necklaces, so keep that in mind if you like her style.

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