Medium Golden Brown Hair Color

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Though blonde and red and other striking hair colors have been popular for a long time now, more and more women are starting to opt for more natural colors, and there are even many celebrities that are sporting beautiful and natural brown colors for their hair, like the Kardashians. Even actress Emma Stone, who is naturally a blonde, prefers to dye her hair in copper reds or auburn, because these colors compliment her light complexion.

Very popular now is the medium golden brown hair color, because of its richness, warmth and even diversity. The medium golden brown hair color is complex in that it can present different results depending on how you apply it, and it shines in the sunlight with thousands of glimmers, making your hair look wavy and voluminous. There are many things you can do and many tricks you can apply if your base color is medium golden brown hair color. You can add streaks or highlights of gold or blonde for an even more sophisticated look.

If you’ve decided to adopt the medium golden brown hair color you should know that it’s a color that suits women of all ages and of all hairstyles, though the best results can be seen when the hair is long and wavy. If you’ve got long hair, the best hairstyles to highlight your color are soft, curly hairstyles, like loose loops of hair, or relaxed ponytails. It won’t be easy to choose a particular shade of medium golden brown hair color, but it won’t be difficult either, because all of the hair makers offer variants of this shade in their collections. Yet some hair products makers may promote this shade under different, trademark names, which can be confusing, especially for those with little experience.

The best solution to achieve a medium golden brown is to go to a salon and have a professional hair stylist mix the colors for you. True masters of hair color don’t need to use ready-made shades; they create their own, like painters mix their colors to achieve something spectacular and really unique. Especially when you’re going for such an ambiguous shade as medium golden brown it is recommended to ask the help of a hair stylist, because you need to get the quantities of brown and blonde in perfect balance, so that the end result gets the best of both of them.