Mahogany Hair Color

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Mahogany hair color is a shade of brown with red reflections and, though it appears rarely as a natural shade, there are many hair color products that promote variations of mahogany. The good thing about mahogany hair color is that it can fit almost any skin type, from lighter skin to olive-toned skin. Though you may acquire it with hair dyes, this color will still look natural and rich no matter what your age or hairstyle are. Mahogany shades can vary from very light mahogany to dark mahogany, so everyone can find a color they like and that suits them.

The only problem with mahogany hair color is that it may require more maintenance than other colors. If not cared for, the mahogany will lose its richness and shine and your hair will look dry, lusterless and the color will be too uncertain for anyone to make an opinion about it. Especially if you’ve chosen a darker shade of mahogany, maintenance is essential to keep this color vibrant and seductive.

Shampooing must be done with care regularly, using mild shampoos that don’t contain harsh chemicals that deplete the hair of its natural oils and moisture. If your mahogany hair color is a result of hair processing, then you should purchase dye-friendly shampoos and conditioners, or opt for organic shampoos that avoid chemicals and use natural ingredients in their compositions.

Another element that can ruin your mahogany is excessive or repeated sun exposure. The light and heat from the sun can dry the hair and reduce its shine, making it look dull and brassy. Sunlight bleaches color, whether it’s on your clothes or your hair, so if you care for your intense mahogany you can wear your hair in a loop or wear a hat if you know you’ll be standing in the sun longer. It is better to prevent problems than deal with solving them later, so protecting your hair color will save you a lot of trouble.

Over-styling or excess of hair products can damage and stress hair, whether you’ve dyed or not. Normal, healthy hairs are shiny and elastic, but constant stress with hair products, blow dryers, flat irons or hot rollers test that strength and elasticity and can damage them permanently. The same rules apply to mahogany hair color, so you should be moderate with the styling and revisit the hair salon once a month to revive and maintain your color.