Long Bob Hairstyles

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The bob hairstyle has been in fashion with women, in different variations, since the Audrey Hepburn era until today. This soft-looking, puffy ball of hair makes women look younger and helps them feel casual and carefree while sporting an elegant and chic look. The bob is easy to maintain if you visit a hair stylist regularly, and recently long bob hairstyles have been very popular. This is one of the most relaxed and flexible short haircuts for thick hair. It has a lot of styling alternatives and it can go with any look. Amazing with any age and color of hair, long bob hairstyles are feminine and graceful. The bob has always been one of the most popular short haircuts for thick hair but it was somehow associated with a young relaxed look.

Long bob hairstyles are for women who want the “bob” look but don’t want to sacrifice their long-hair feminine charms. There are many bob hairstyles, with you and your stylist choosing to combine between layers, bangs, frills, varied edges, highlights and streaks. Some bob hairstyles have jagged edges at the bottom which fall up to the shoulders, making the hair look classy and sleek. You can get silky, straight layers parted sideways for a more formal and elegant look, or a voluminous bob cut hairstyle with long, slanting bangs swinging on the forehead.

One of the famous long bob hairstyles is the jet black, shiny, straight hair with blunt edges parted at the center. This can look good on other colors too, though the rough edges are better suited with stronger colors like red and black. Bob hairstyles, whether long or short, should never be too layered, otherwise they’re not bobs any more, but they should be shorter in the back with longer bangs. Other long bob hairstyles that look good on anyone are the bobs curved inwards at the bottom, and those with side-swept bangs that look amazing on a heart-shaped face.

You can also be rebel with bob hairstyles, opting for a zigzag parting and asymmetric layers or you can be cute and girly with a heavier side parting slightly loosened on the forehead. As you can see, bob hairstyles are countless and diversified, so if you consult a professional hair stylist you too can have a bob haircut that fits your hair color, the shape of your head and your style.

These types of hairstyles can also be accessorized, like a side parted bob pinned up by an ornamental hair clip. With a bit of a curl and volume, this can be an elegant hairstyle to wear at special events. Celebrities love their bob hairstyles, like famous model Heidi Klum, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Liz Taylor, Jennifer Aniston, Emily Blunt and many others. One of the reasons is probably because a haircut like this suits celebrity casual fashion as well; you don’t have to over-style the bob every time you get out of the house – as long as you get your haircuts in time and keep the hair combed and hydrated, you can achieve a nice natural look that can be enhanced for special events.