Light Brown Hair Color

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Women who want to change their hair color have to be very careful, as this can be a complex process. It is advised you go to a professional when you’re thinking of changing your hair color because, especially if you want to go to a lighter shade, doing it yourself might damage the hair and the final color you give your hair might turn uneven. Recent years have seen a tendency to go back to natural hair colors, and more and more women opt for a light brown hair color in different variations.

Not only does a light brown hair color give you natural beauty, but it can also be more versatile than you think. In what follows we’ll talk about some brown shades that are in trend right now and that you could try if you’re looking to make a change in your appearance. The good news is that almost any woman could pull off a light brown hair color, no matter what her age or style are.

A very interesting light brown hair color is the light ash brown, which is ideal for women with an olive skin tone. If you’re opting for this color, make sure you use a color-safe shampoo, otherwise your hair might turn to green shades. You can wear your ash brown simply, like Christina Ricci, or add some highlights for a more electric look, like Mila Jovovich. Another light brown hair color is the light golden brown, which compliments very well reddish or golden-skinned women. If not freshened, this color will fade to a reddish shade and not green, so it’s easier to maintain.

If you like the combination between brown and red you can go for a light reddish brown, a very warm color that compliments any woman. Variations on this shade could be caramel brown, light auburn or mahogany, the latter being very appropriate for cool skin tones. The light caramel brown is yet another beautiful shade that has replaced the famous blonde in recent years, as women tend to go for a more natural look. This shade is ideal for olive-skinned women, as you might have seen on Beyonce or Jessica Alba.

These and many more brown shades will make any woman look spectacular and vital. Other shades of brown include the beachy brown, which is a light brown hair color with blonde tips, giving you a surf look. There are many artifices you can do to a brown hair color, but it is best you consult a professional before you decide what’s best for you.