Lee Min Ho Before Plastic Surgery

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As we all know, plastic surgery has become a trend in Korea. It seems that people are not very pleased with the way they look, so they turn to questionable methods to improve their aspect. Apparently, that’s the way that the actor Lee Min Ho felt as well before having plastic interventions. Photos of Lee Min Ho before plastic surgery can prove that the Korean star improved his aspect by adjusting the way his nose looked.

According to some rumors, Lee Min Ho felt the need to use facial enhancement to achieve a more beautiful aspect. Although he already looked great and his audience might judge him for his actions, it’s important to understand people’s needs. After all, a low self esteem can affect a person’s personal life, and it can even interfere with his career.

  • Lee Min Ho’s plastic interventions

So, if medical support can help people become more confident in themselves, they should not care about what others say. Therefore, the Korean star should enjoy his new aspect without having to worry about rumors and speculations. However, not knowing the consequences of overdoing plastic surgery can have a bad impact on someone’s life, which means that people should be aware of the outcomes of their actions and they should try not to exaggerate with cosmetic surgery.

If we analyze some photos of Lee Min Ho before plastic surgery, we can observe a slight difference in the way that his nose used to look. His nose wasn’t as slim and sharp as it appears to be now, and it wasn’t so well defined. Therefore, we can only assume that the famous actor went under the knife to improve his aspect. Moreover, the “Boys Before Flower” star admitted that he adjusted certain areas of his face. Besides turning to rhinoplasty to correct his nose, he also had a lip surgery that helped him make his lips match the features of his face perfectly.

So, opting for eliminating the bump from his nose, and reshaping his lips, has helped the Korean celebrity to achieve a great image, which means that he will have even more fans than he had before the interventions. Achieving a better look might even help him with his career, because we all know how important it is for an actor to look good. Therefore, we can admire his determination, but we can only hope that he won’t follow other celebrities’ example and start using these enhancing tricks too often.