Laser hair removal – tips for before and after the treatment

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There are various depilatory methods women can resort to, but for sure the best one is laser hair removal. This new method has rapidly increased in popularity and numerous people who have already tried it claim it brings amazing results. If you decide to undergo this type of treatment, it is recommended you opt for the best beauty clinic in your region. Also, keep in mind these useful before and after your laser hair removal treatment tips.

Things to do before the first session

There are several aspects you need to take care of before you undergo the first session and one of them is to ensure you do not expose the targeted area to direct sunlight a few weeks prior to the treatment. If your skin has been sunburned or recently tanned, you should postpone your appointment, because the results will not be as good as you would expect in this situation. This is also one of the reasons why experts recommend undergoing laser hair removal treatment during the cold season, spring or fall. Also, you must not shave or wax the targeted area for two or three weeks before the appointment in order to let hair grow. Depending on the area you want to have your hair removed, get ready to spend sometime between 20 minutes and an hour for each session.

Things to do after the first session

Well, one of the essential things you have to do once your first session ends is to wait for about three weeks and to come to the second session. It is important to mention that it requires at least five appointments in order to obtain the best results with laser hair removal treatment and have all unwanted hair removed completely. The reason is quite simple – you will not have all the hairs fully grown at the same time, so you have to wait about two or three weeks between appointments. Another aspect worth considering is that even if you opt for Brazilian, or bikini laser hair removal treatments, you still must avoid getting tanned or sunburned during the entire treatment, as well as using deodorants for the following 24 hours after the session has finished if the treated area is the armpits. Hot showers are also to be avoided because the hot water may make the skin more sensitive than it already is.

All in all, these are some of the main tips for before and after the treatment you should keep in mind. Getting ready for the first laser hair removal session and knowing all these aspects way before the appointment are going to help you benefit from the desired results. It is mandatory though that you resort to the services of a reputable and professional beauty clinic, which is why you should spend some time browsing the Internet and learning more about the clinics available in your region. In order to make the right choice, you can try to find out which one received positive feedback from its customers and compare the price list of several clinics to see which one would best match your budget. Or, check out this guide from Good House Keeping magazine.