Laser hair removal – preparing for the first session

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Women from all around the world would prefer to get up in the morning and to not be stressed that they might not be able to wear that dress they have in mind because they have unwanted hair on their legs. Well, you do not have to deal with this issue in the future, because you have the possibility to choose laser hair removal, a permanent solution which would help you forget about that uncomfortable prickle you experience from time to time. However, when choosing this procedure, you have to be sure that you have it done at a professional skin clinic, as MySkinSpa, because it is recommended to benefit from specialised services. You should keep in mind that this procedure would have the expected results, only if an experienced person who has knowledge in this domain does it. Here are some tips that would help you be prepared for the first session.

Avoid exposing yourself to sun

It is recommended to not expose yourself to sun at least four weeks before the first appointment. This is one of the main reasons why specialists consider that the best period to have this procedure is in the cold season, but if you want to have it in the summer, you just cannot have sunburns, or be tanned, because you might experience side effects. The best thing you can do is to use sunscreen every time you get out from the house, and to spend as little time as possible in direct sun light.

Shave the area you intend to remove the hair from

The main difference between wax hair removal and laser is that you would have to shave the hair. Also, you should not make an appointment if you had waxed that area recently, because during the procedure the laser has to target the pigment located in your hair follicle, and if you wax before the laser treatment would not be effective.
Do not use tanning lotions, beds or spray tans
Specialists also recommend to not using any of these products in the preceding period of laser hair removal, because they influence its results. In case you have a habit of using different creams and lotions, you should talk with the cosmetician, and ask for their advice to see if they interact with the laser.

Be prepared to wait

When saying this, it means that, you have to be prepared for the first session to last for a while depending on the area of the body you intend to remove the hair from. A common treatment might take from 20 minutes to an hour. In addition, you should know that specialists do not recommend a full-body treatment, because your body should absorb a certain amount of laser light after each session. Also, you have to be patient because the results would not come after the first session, you would be able to enjoy prominent results after a few months. You would have to go for this procedure every five weeks in order to achieve the results you have in mind. This is happening because the hair follicles have a certain growth cycle, and you have to wait for the hair to grow.