Keep your Makeup Organized

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Do you sit down in front of the mirror, open up the drawer, and then spend five minutes searching for that lipstick you want among all the jumble? Is the top of your dressing table or the counter in the bathroom covered with more makeup containers than you know what to do with? If so, you need to get organized and simplify your life. Here are some great ways to get your makeup under control.

There’s no way that you are going to find anything if there are a hundred bottles rolling around in your drawer. The trick is to make better use of that space by separating it out into different compartments. You can do this by putting a collection of small trays into your drawers – each tray will have several compartments which you can use to organize your makeup – put your lipsticks in one section, mascara in another section and so on. In fact, if you pack the compartments fairly tightly, you should be able to stand things like lipsticks upright, giving you even more space.

When we sit down to do our makeup, our brushes are our tools of the trade. However, if you just put these in the drawer, not only will you end up hunting for them, but they are likely to get damaged. To keep your brushes conveniently to hand, why not buy a divided pencil cup? You can just put your brushes in this, and you can use the divisions to organize them into different types. Another good idea is to buy one or more glass bottles with a relatively narrow opening at the top, and put your brushes in these.

If you don’t have drawers to store makeup at all, then chances you have makeup containers spread all over the place. You may not want to have open trays with your makeup in, since this can look messy as well. However, consider buying a jewelry box or office organizer box to put all your makeup in. These usually have a number of drawers you can pull out, making it easy to organize your makeup. This doesn’t have to be expensive – you can get really cute cardboard jewelry boxes at a very reasonable price at somewhere like T.J. Maxx.

If you have makeup that you don’t use very often – for example, you only put it on for special occasions or at certain times of the year, then consider putting it away in a resealable plastic box at the top of your closet. Not only will this cut down on the clutter, it will also make sure that the makeup is in pristine condition when you do want to use it. If the box is airtight, it will also prevent your makeup from drying out. Even better, if you have space in your refrigerator, store the box in there. If you keep your cosmetics cold once you have opened them, then this can often extend their shelf life. Given the fact that these are cosmetics you only use occasionally, that’s a really good idea.