How to style your hair when you work as a promotional model

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If you are one of the beautiful and lucky girls who work on a frequent basis as a professional promotional model then you must know that in this portion of modeling, just like in the rest, the way you look is extremely important. Even if you are not currently a model for promotions, but desire to become one in the future, the same pierce of advice applies: take great care of your exterior appearance, so as to look impeccable and sophisticated from the moment you interview for your first campaign or contract with a specialized promotional staff agency and until the day of the actual event. A spotless exterior look is achievable by taking great care of the way you look and especially the aspects which you can control, although in the world of promotions these aspects are not as many as you might think. As a matter of fact, many professional companies or agencies operating in the field have strict rules regarding the way that their models have to be dressed and styled during their working hours at events, exhibitions, sampling stands, road shows or anywhere else their services are needed. Of course, as you might already know, many of the dedicated agencies also give their hostesses or model the full outfit which they are obliged to wear as part of a cohesive marketing campaign. But what about the hair and nails or other accessories which you would normally wear? Stick with us as you are about to find out some of the best hidden secrets of the trade and learn a couple of the mandatory conditions that certain agencies impose.

If you want to have the best promotional jobs and be a part of a large company with impressive number of staff members as well as a great reputation, then you have to rise to their standards and comply with all the appearance related rules. These include two parts of the body in particular, the hair and the nails. In general, many of the professionals in the field will ask you to raise your hair in a ponytail or bun so as to let your facial features stand out and increase your expressivity. The hair needs to be clean and healthy, beautifully painted or natural and not have extravagant shapes or styles. Green or pink hair is normally not allowed when doing a promotion for a serious company or bank for instance.

In addition to this, if you have long hair than you should definitely find a simple and easy way to tie it together so as to clear the couture of the face. Some campaigns require that you wear wigs and others even provide free sessions at the hair stylist parlor in order for all of the models to have the same, coherent look. However, if the choice is up to you we strongly recommend putting the hair backwards in a low, medium or even high ponytail. Last, but not least, do not forget to wear a clear coating on your nails or have a classical French manicure so as not to attract unnecessary attention to your hands instead of the products on display. The office look and secretary hair style may not be your favorite in the spare time, but if you want to work with professionals in the field of promotions then you have to show the same level of professionalism, starting with the way you wear you hair during the events you work at.