How to Remove Pimples

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We’ve all had skin problems at one point in our lives, and mostly that translates into facial skin problems, like pimples, acne, black spots, dryness, oiliness or diverse rashes and allergies. The skin is a very sensitive organ, and it immediately reacts to imbalances in the body. This is why teenagers are most affected by pimples or acne; the hormonal imbalances that come with puberty and the body’s changes can lead to an excess of sebum which, trapped in the pores along with dirt or makeup, create blemishes and pimples. If you are interested in how to remove pimples, we’ll present a few methods through which you can do this in a more sanitary and safe way.

The first method detailing how to remove pimples is the hot compress method. Assuming you have one or more pimples like white heads or black heads that you want to get rid of, here’s what you can do. Start by gently, yet thoroughly washing your face. Whether you use a special face wash or just some lukewarm water, make sure there will be as little bacteria left on the face as possible. Use a washcloth, cotton ball or even paper towel if there’s nothing else available and soak it in hot water. Hold the cloth over the zits or pimples for 20 or 30 minutes, re-soaking periodically to keep the cloth moist and hot. After half an hour has passed, gently pat and dry the skin. Now it should be easy to pop the pimple, just make sure you press upwards, not down, to avoid pushing the bacteria deeper inside the skin. Finish by applying some pimple treatment cream on the area and any marks should be gone in two days.

We’ve shown you how to remove pimples the hot way, no we’re going to do it the freezing way. This method is ideal if the zit hasn’t reached the surface of the skin and it is difficult to remove without causing damage to the skin. Just like before, you start by washing your face well, removing excess sebum. Now this may sound chilling, but what you need to do now is take an ice pack and hold it over the pimple or pimples for at least ten minutes. Keep it less if the skin can’t take it anymore and immediately after cover the affected areas with benzoyl peroxide, which you can purchase from any drugstore. You should repeat this process every five hours, choosing how many times you’ll do it based on how grave you think your problem is. This method relies on freezing the pimples to prevent more bacteria or oils from gathering into a bigger zit, while the benzoyl peroxide sanitizes the area. The pimples should be gone in 24 hours.

Next time you have skin troubles, try one of these methods explaining how to remove pimples and enjoy the results.