How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

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Because artificial eyelash extensions are attached to your natural lashes with a strong adhesive, their removal is a delicate process that needs to be performed property in order to avoid any damage. Avoid removing the extensions prematurely due to the fact that the glue is designed to withstand soap, water and makeup remover. If you go back to your cosmetologist, a technician should be able to remove your artificial lashes free of charge. If the person who installed the eyelashes did not do a good job, find another licensed professional to undo the damage. However, if returning to a technician is not an option, you can learn how to remove eyelash extensions at home.

  • Method One –Steam

Even if you have never done this before, learning how to remove eyelash extensions is not difficult. Nevertheless, this method is only recommended for those who have bonded the lash with weaker glue or have a semi-permanent eyelash extension. It can also work for near-mature extensions that are about to fall naturally. If you recently installed the lashes, it is best if you see a technician.

The first step is to remove all makeup with a gentle makeup remover, especially eyeliners or mascara so you can see where the extensions begin. Fill a large bowl with hot water and place your face over it. Drape a towel over your head to trap the steam and remain like this for approximately 10 minutes. The steam will loosen the bonds of the eyelash extensions. Wet a cotton ball with olive oil and wipe it on your lashes without getting any in your eye. Do this until the extensions begin to slip and after they all fall off, rinse with warm water.

  • Method Two – Glue Remover

If you don’t know how to remove eyelash extensions at home, try using a lash glue remover that you can find at most drugstores. However, if you had the extensions professionally done, ask the technician which solvent is best. In order to see what you’re doing, stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room. Bring some extra lightning if you can see shadows cast over your face.

The next step is to remove your makeup with a gentle removal so you can see where the extensions begin. Apply the glue remover with a damp cotton swab and make sure it doesn’t get into your eyes. Pull down the outer corner of one of your upper eyelids and gently angle the eyelid downward the outer corner with the soft pad of your finger. Use gentle motions to world from outer to inner corner. After you’ve been over the lash line about 15 times with the cotton swab, gently pull the end of an extension. They should fall out easily. Remove the excess glue and rinse your face.

  • Recovery tips

In case you didn’t know this by now, eyelash extensions damage your lashes greatly. In order to reverse some of this damage, you should put your eyes under a recovery period. During this time, try to wear less mascara or choose clear mascara instead of the dark one. Furthermore, you should also consider some homemade eyelash growth serum ideas. The most simple homemade eyelash growth serum is petroleum jelly which you simply apply on your lashes at night, using a clean mascara brush.