How to Protect Your Eyes from Makeup

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Every woman owns at least a basic makeup kit, even though she doesn’t use it every day. There are moments and special occasions when we need to look our best, so at least some foundation, mascara, lipstick and eye liner should be on every woman’s list. On the other hand, there are women who wear makeup daily, either because they want to or because they need to. The most important thing in this case is to learn how to protect our skin, and especially our eyes from damage caused by the makeup.

Searching for life insurance quotes won’t do much good, because there are rare the instances when you can insure certain body parts or areas and these endeavors usually cost very much. This means the solution must come from us, from creating a habit out of cleaning and moisturizing the skin. Another aspect that we need to consider is keeping our makeup clean and free of bacteria and avoiding at all costs using expired or damaged makeup items.

Unless you really want to look for life insurance quotes and pay obscene amounts of money, you must keep everything clean. You need to wash your hands before starting to apply eye cosmetics and make sure that the tools and utensils you use are clean as well. Keep all makeup containers clean too, and avoid placing makeup or any utensils directly on surfaces that might contain microorganisms or bacteria. Another thing women need to avoid is moistening cosmetics; adding saliva to an eye liner can add bacteria to the product and reduce its preserving ability.

We can also protect our eyes from makeup by refusing to share or swap makeup products with other people. They may be our friends and they may be completely healthy, but our eyes especially can be harmed by other people’s bacteria. Moreover, avoid products that list “kohl” in their ingredients, because it contains lead and can be very damaging for the eyes. Be careful though, because certain eye products use the word “kohl” to indicate the color, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is part of the ingredients as well. Never use other types of cosmetics on your eyes than those especially intended for it, otherwise you risk creating infections or other eye issues. Instead of a more concrete conclusion, remember to always store your eye cosmetics in dry places and never in temperatures above 85° F or 30° C.

Last but not least, remember that no matter how careful you are, all makeup products are harmful. As such, remember to give yourself some breaks from time to time and try to enhance your natural features so that you no longer feel the need to wear a lot of makeup. For example, we advise you to look for the best eyelash growth serum and use it with consistency for at least a couple of months. This is a great way to allow your lashes to regenerate after an having used mascara for a long time. If you continue with the best eyelash growth serum treatment for more than a couple of months, your lashes won’t just regenerate, but they will grow longer and richer than they ever were.