How to look slim when wearing Lehenga

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How to look slim when wearing Lehenga

Indian wearing is something everyone is amazed about, since it is replete with colour and show. Indian women have many options in their wardrobe when it comes to choosing the right traditional outfit for the specific occasion. Along with the traditional and worldly renowned sarees and Anarkali suits, other quite popular Indian clothing is the Lehenga, which gives the woman a royal look. If you are interested in this clothing item, you should look for “Lehenga Sydney” on the internet and find a professional online store. Here is how you should wear Lehenga in order to look slim, regardless the special event you are going at.

Dark solid colours are a better option

You have probably seen a lot of Indian women in Bollywood movies or TV series that wear Indian traditional clothing that come in light colours, such as baby pink, light orange or yellow. However, you should know that lighter colours tend to accentuate some parts of the body that are more prominent, which is why it is recommended to go for dark and solid colours for the Lehenga, such as red, blue or black if you want to make the body frame look leaner and slimmer.

Fabrics that stick to the body should be avoided

Certain fabrics such as satin or lycra tend to stick to the body, which is definitely not a recommended option for women who want to look slimmer in Lehenga. You should opt for blouses that are made of one of the many types of silk, such as chanderi, tussar or brocade. You should go for cotton silk clothes since these will make you feel comfortable, not to mention that they will not give you that untidy and clingy look.

Select the right embellishments for your outfit

You have decided upon the right Lehenga to match the shape of your body, but you should not forget about the embellishments either. Choosing the perfect decorations and borders for your Lehenga can be quite challenging, since you have to make sure they actually make you look slim. Go for light embellishments, such as some small borders that also have some delicate embroidery. The outfit will definitely speak for itself.

Apply the right make-up

Many people are on the opinion that traditional Indian outfit implies applying a lot of make-up. It is true that it does accentuate your look, but this does not mean that you have to exaggerate and apply too much of it, since this will only make you look unaesthetic. Lehenga itself is quite a large piece of clothing, so going for bright and loud make-up will only make you look less elegant and more bulky. In order to obtain the perfect look, opt for highlighting only one of the features as far as make-up is concerned, so go for smoky eyes, or a red colour for your lipstick, while you keep the rest of it minimal.
Overall, these are some very useful tips that every woman who wants to wear Lehenga at a special event and wants to look slimmer should keep in mind.