How to Curl Hair

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It is important to know how to curl hair, especially if your hair is long and it needs a bit of volume and depth. But there are some steps to doing it right correctly, because over-styling, stressing the hair and using too much product can damage the hair permanently. Long, wavy curls offer a natural, casual and carefree appearance, and they look good on anyone with long hair. Especially if you have highlights or two-toned hair colors, curly hair will look amazing.

The first step when learning how to curl hair is to wash your hair. Whether you use a curling method that involves wet hair or one that involves dry hair, having clean hair is very important because it curls best and offers that necessary suppleness and flexibility. If you want to know how to curl hair after it’s dried, you need to have a curling iron or hair curlers. Next, the way in which you shape the hair locks into curls is essential. A curling iron will produce the classic, spiral curls, while small barrels will make tighter coils and large barrels will create looser, larger curls. You should always apply a heat protectant if you blow-dry, curl with heat or straighten the hair, otherwise all that heat will dry the hair follicles and the hair will fall.

Another method on how to curl hair is to use hot rollers, in which the same rules apply as with normal rollers, but you keep them for a shorter period of time to avoid burning the hair. In order to curl hair with hot rollers, your hair must be dry. Start from the crown of the head, using the smaller rollers and making your way down with the larger ones. Pin each roller into position and let it work for five or ten minutes, depending on your hair or on how much curl you want. After you’ve taken them off, gently comb the hair and apply some holding hairspray, because hot roller curlers don’t last very long. You can even curl your hair with a flat iron, creating softer curls at the ends of the hair. Apply a heat protectant over the dry hair and keep the hair locks constantly moving between the plates by maintaining a rotating motion in your wrist as you move the flat iron along the grain of the hair. This method of curling can use some hairspray as well for longer-lasting results.