How to apply makeup

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Makeup is something almost all women use in order to enhance their facial features and turn into more attractive ladies. But, when it comes to applying makeup correctly not too many know how to deal with this procedure. What you should know before learning how to apply makeup is to seek for the quality makeup products available on the market, which include mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is better for your skin as it is nourishing it and it looks more natural than the conventional cosmetics.

Usually, the procedure of applying makeup is practically the same for all skin types, no matter the age and color. The only thing which could make a difference is realizing whether the steps you are using in makeup are right for you or not.

The first step is to prepare your skin prior to any makeup application. You should know your makeup will not look good if you have dry, oily or dirty skin. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing should be the beginning of every skin care regime. A good advice would be to use natural moisturizers which do not have preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances. Try to always allow your moisturizer to absorb completely into the skin before applying your makeup. Then try to use a primer in order to prepare your skin for the foundation. The foundation color you should go for must be as close as possible to your skin tone. You should know that a darker foundation will age you, so getting the lighter colors will always work for you.

The next step in how to apply makeup procedure is to use eyeliner, but try not to overdo it. Too much liner looks really bad sometimes. Defining your eyebrows with a proper pencil can also accentuate your eyes and add to your makeup effect. You should also use mascara in order to make your eyes really stand out. It really doesn’t matter the color of your eyes, as the black mascara can bring out every color of eyes. The thing which counts is to make sure to separate every last lash when you use your mascara. The lips count as well in learning how to apply makeup. For a daytime look you should go for a neutral shade. A good tip would be to use a nude lip liner all over the lips as base and then a neutral color on top. Adding a matching gloss is always a great way in keeping the color for a long time on your lips. If you want to complete your makeup process, you should pick a powder foundation which is even better than the liquid foundation, as it has the tendency of lasting all day long.