Honey blonde hair color

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Whenever you decide on having a new color for your hair, you should know there are some things you should consider before putting a permanent color on your hair. First of all you should count having a non permanent hair color which is the best way to find out whether a color tone suits you are not. Not to mention this type of dye washes out with two or three shampoos and you don’t have to worry too much if you are not completely satisfied with the color result. If you want to look great with your new hair color another thing you should know is that different skin tones need different colors.

For example, if your skin is dark, then opting for a honey blonde hair color is quite inappropriate. If you have a skin with cold tones, then you should color your hair in light blonde, light brown or golden brown. If you are willing to color your hair in red, it is very important to opt for the right shade of red. Some dark shades can emphasize the imperfections of your skin and they can even make you seem older. But there are also a lot of women who look fabulous in any color of hair. Moreover, if your eyes are green or blue red and strawberry blond are great choices for your hair.

Usually, we hear very often that blondes have more fun. If you are among the countless women who want to look sexy and want to dye their hair in blonde shades then you should know that depending on your natural hair, this color can be a tricky thing. Very essentially is to have the right kind of blonde to suit your skin tone. There are about three shades of blonde that women go crazy about and these are: honey blonde, ash blonde and platinum blonde. To look great with any of these shades your skin color needs to be dark brown or olive, rose beige or pink and porcelain. The honey blonde hair color is a great option especially for the summer hairstyle.

There are many celebrities who go for this color shade as it gives them a distinct look with a little help of some makeup as well. We can mention Jessica Alba and Gisele Bundchen as the favorite stars that look just great with their honey blonde hair color. This color shade is considered the most popular in the whole year round. Moreover, it makes the hair look like a natural blonde. Usually, this blonde shade is recommended by experts for women having light or mousy hair.