Health Considerations Regarding Tattoos

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Despite the fact that tattoos are usually preferred by rich, eccentric people, they are in fact very cheap and they can be easily done within a matter of hours or even minutes (depending on their size). However, as simple as this procedure might seem at first, you should always consider the risks that it comes with.

How are tattoos done?

Permanent tattoos are done by inserting color pigments into the top layer of the skin. The procedure is done with a hand tool, similar to a sewing machine. The skin is repeatedly pierced and every puncture inserts ink droplets through the skin pricks. The tattoo procedure is done without any anesthetists and if you have sensitive skin, it can be quite painful.

Health risks

Allergic reactions are the most common health problems for people who get tattoos. The most dangerous inks are the red, yellow, green and blue. The allergic reaction generally appears within a few days of the procedure but in some cases, it can even appear after a few years. Skin infections are also a common problem associated with tattoos. These infections are often manifested through redness, pain, swelling and drainage of infectious liquids. The health risks associated with tattoos can lead to other types of skin problems as well, such as granulomas (small skin bumps surrounding the tattoo), blood borne diseases (cause by lack of sanitary precautions at the tattoo salon) and even MRI complications (the tattoo can interfere with local MRI exams).


If they are treated early, skin infections caused by tattoos can be eliminated without permanent damages. However, allergies or other local skin problems may call for a tattoo removal. The removal procedure often leaves behind permanent scars. As far as blood borne diseases go, their effects can even be life threatening. Basically, you the tattoo shop does not disinfect their equipment properly, you can end up with any type of blood diseases, even AIDS.

How can you prevent health problems associated with tattoos

If none of the health risks presented above scare you and you still want to get a tattoo, you should take some health precautions. For starters, don’t make any money compromises. If you do decide to get a tattoo, go to the best salon in town. Do some research on local forums and see if any previous customers experienced any health problems and if there are any complaints regarding the work of the tattoo artist.