Hairstyles mistakes that will make you look older

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After we reach a certain age, we women become very conscious of the things that might make us look even older. We arm ourselves with anti-aging skin care products and we would rather buy the latest wrinkle filler than order Orthovisc online for our knee pains, because losing our youthful look is the thing we dread most in the world. Instead of worrying uselessly about the things that we cannot regain like the elasticity of our skin, we should focus on the things that we can do in order to regain at least part of our youthful looks.

You can look five or ten years younger by simply changing your hairstyle. However, you can also look ten years older by choosing the wrong hairstyle or hair color. Therefore, you should appeal to a specialist when you change your hairstyle. The first thing people notice when meeting someone for the first time is the hair. It makes all the difference whether you have your hair dyed in a bright red or a subtle shade of caramel. Not only the color of your hair can make you look older, your cut and style are equally important. Following are some common hairstyle mistakes you should avoid after you reach a certain age:


The most important thing when you get a haircut is to make sure it flatters your face. You should not sit on the hairstylist chair with a haircut in mind without reading more about it or without asking your stylist whether that type of haircut works well with the shape of your face. Keep in mind that a severe haircut will also add to your years. Contrary to expectations, the length of your hair is not that important compared to the style or the haircut. There is no rule saying that older women should stick to short hair. As long as the hair frames the face, even bangs and a medium size hair will do.


Another common mistake older women tend to do is pulling their hair up in a bun or ponytail. The reason why so many women prefer this hairstyle is obvious: instant facelift. You should take into consideration the fact that this type of hairstyle draws attention to your face. No matter how tight your bun, you will still have some wrinkles and defects you would rather hide than expose. This is why you should compromise. Pull your hair up, but leave some hair flow naturally on your face. Another important rule for women that wish to achieve a younger look would be to never become negligent with their hair. Split ends and visible white hair are forbidden.


All in all, when your knees will start to give in and you will need to order Orthovisc injections to keep up with your grandkids, it is high time you should start thinking about changing the hairstyle you have picked twenty years ago. Choose your haircut, hair style and color carefully and ensure they flatter your face, skin tone and age.