Hair Loss Treatment for Women

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For women, hair loss can result from hormone imbalance, it can occur after pregnancy and as a result of excessive hair styling. Luckily, hair loss can be prevented or reversible in most cases, and there are many products and treatments that can help us recover or maintain a beautiful head of hair. First off, hair loss can occur more often for women with very long hair, so special care is required, and even a periodical shorter haircut to allow the hair to regenerate better.

A more extreme case of hair loss is causes by alopecia, which is a disease difficult to treat. While there are many drugs that work to some degree for certain women, doctors avoid prescribing them because they can mess with the body’s androgen levels. The most common hair loss treatment for women is directly applied to the scalp, and the best way to treat hair loss is to start as soon as possible when you notice the first signs.

A very common hair loss treatment for women is Minoxidil or Rogaine, which was first used as a tablet to treat high blood pressure. It was noticed that the patients that had been treated with Minoxidil exhibited excessive hair growth as a side effect. Further research showed that applying a solution of Minoxidil directly to the scalp could stimulate the hair growth. Nevertheless, this is a powerful treatment, so one should visit a specialist before trying anything. Another hair loss treatment for women can be created with androgen receptor inhibitors, like spironolactone, cimetidine, or cyproterone acetate. Estrogen and progesterone pills and creams can represent another effective hair loss treatment for women with androgenetic alopecia who are going through menopause. Oral contraceptives can be prescribed for hair loss, ketoconazole, finasteride and others, but these are all powerful drugs that can only be prescribed by and with the approval of a specialist. Before trying any hair loss treatments, visit a specialist for a thorough examination and a clear diagnosis.

Hair loss treatment for women can also be organic and home-made, with the most important aspect being that you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Also, try to stay away from chemicals that can damage your hair and visit your health care provider to ensure a balanced diet of vitamins. An organic hair treatment is arnica, which can be applied locally twice a day in the form of a cream or ointment, and which increases blood circulation in the scalp. Jojoba oil, emu oil, kalaya oil, rosemary, sage or safflowers are also considered good treatments for hair loss.

You should also be aware of the fact that the cold season is one of the worst periods for your hair; during autumn and winter, we start shedding a bit more hair that usual, which is not a worrisome sign necessarily because it means our hair is regenerating. However, the cold ca dry up our hair follicles, so exposing it to drastic temperatures can decrease its elasticity; thus, instead of treating hair loss, you could think about preventing it and protecting it from the cold with a hat, or with scarves. Of course a lot of women don’t like to wear hats because they can ruin a hairdo, but a scarf nicely wrapped around the neck with your hair shoved under will make you look both modern and will protect your hair. The great news is that you can buy wholesale scarves on online shops, or even in various stores; so you won’t have to spend too much money on wholesale scarves, and you’ll also have enough of them to change your look and style every day.