Hair Extensions Cost

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Many women like to get hair extensions, some because they have rare hair that doesn’t grow and they need some depth and volume, others because they like to experiment with looks and appearances or to include them in their braids and weaves. But how much do hair extensions cost? Can everyone afford them? Well, it varies according to the region you live in, the quality of the hair salon and the type of hair extensions you want.

Celebrities like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Heidi Klum love their hair extensions as well, because it lets them change their appearance all the time, especially for those actresses who want to distance themselves from a popular role. But celebrities can definitely afford them, how about regular women? Regular hair extensions cost will vary depending on the amount of extensions you will want and the type of hair used to make them. Synthetic extensions will always be cheaper than natural hair ones, but poorly executed ones will look uncouth.

One of the types of hair extensions is the clip in; these hair extensions cost the cheapest everywhere, and they are also easiest to apply. You can even purchase the clip in hair extensions yourself and put them on at home. Prices will range somewhere between $19 and $300 for a whole set. The hot fusion hair extensions cost a bit more because they are more realistic. This bonding method is the traditional way of attaching hair extensions and it is how most hair salons do it. Master hair stylists can fuse the extensions so well, especially if they match color, that they aren’t even noticeable. This method will cost at least $300 dollars, especially if you have to have it done in a salon.

Another method to apply hair extensions is cold fusion, a new technology that will cost more because it treats the hair with more care and is more protective than hot fusion. With cold fusion the extensions are attached at the root of your natural hair through the use of a keratin-based polymer. You will actually feel like the extensions are part of your natural hair, and they even last the longest, up to six months. Unfortunately, not many salons are equipped with this method and those who do use it at prices ranging between $1500 and $4000. You can also apply hair extensions by braiding them directly with the natural hair. The weave has the advantage of covering the whole head of hair, but it costs between $500 and $1200.