Hair Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

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How do you reinvent your look? Aside from wearing different kinds of makeup and hairstyle, you can also change the color of your hair. This can actually be done every month depending on what product you use and the type of your hair. It is best to choose herbal or organic products like Herbatint permanent color, which is safe from harmful chemicals like ammonia, alcohol, and resorcinol. Organic hair colors are particularly recommended if you want to keep up with the latest summer fashion tips for hairstyles. After all, the hair suffers sufficiently on account of the sun in the summer. If you don’t have sensitive scalp, then you can enjoy changing your hair color as often as you like. Here are some of the hottest hair colors for spring/summer 2013:

  • Raven Color

Having an ultra dark hair color like raven is perfect for the slick-back and wet-look styles of hair. This hair color goes well with any skin tone as seen on famous celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Halle Berry. These women look powerful with black hair so you can expect guys to take you seriously once you changed your color into raven.

  • Warm Color

One of the best summer fashion tips is to choose warm hair colors that are easy to maintain. They sometimes call this a “schizo” color because it is a combination of different hues like red, brown, and blonde. Depending on how much tone is used in each color, you can create several warm color combination such as burnt-orange and ombre blonde. For those who are not aware what ombre means, it is having dark roots and light ends like Drew Barrymore and Rachel Bilson. Girls with warm hair color have a vibrant personality, which makes men want to get to know them more.

  • Strawberry Blonde Color

You can mix different kinds of color with blonde creating wonderful hues including the popular strawberry blonde. This hair color is perfect for those who have fair white skin making them look like a fairy-tale princess. Some celebrities who look great with strawberry blonde hair are Emma Stone, Amy Adams and Blake Lively.