Hair color ideas 2013

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If you’re wondering about the hair color ideas 2013 for the modern women, then you should take your time in reading the following lines which will guide you to the most wanted color tones of this year. First, we will start with the blonde tones which seem to have their place no matter the year trend. Blonde is known to be a hard color to achieve, especially if you’ve already had some permanent colors applied to your hair before. In this way, the most difficult to achieve seem to be the light blonde tones.

The reason is because some exterior factors like direct sunlight and strong heat can affect the color tones by making them fade away very fast. The best solution for getting to the blonde shade you want is to apply some darker shades and then going lighter with a few coloring treatments later on. The great thing about going form brown to blonde color is that your scalp will be less prominent and if you have a high forehead this line will look less obvious than with a brunette tone.

The next hair color ideas 2013 women need to know refer to black tones. The brunette shades and tones are the easiest to achieve comparing them to other color shades. The explanation is that the molecules in black are larger than that of other colors and no matter the color of your natural hair or previous dye you used in coloring your hair, black will stick to it for a long time. But, a thing you should consider when going from blonde to brunette color is to add some bangs if you have a high forehead which a previous blonde hair color made seem less obvious. Bangs with highlights and lowlights are also very treasured for the hair color ideas 2013. They add to the trendy and modern look of any type of hair coloring, so you should search the web for some exquisite photos and ways of coloring your hair using two shades which include highlights and lowlights.

Regarding the red tones, you should know they present a palette of shades which are quite easy to achieve and very popular among women thanks to some exquisite hairstyles which carry a unique appeal.
And a thing which came to count pretty much lately in hair coloring is the more natural dyes. The vegetable colors are allowed to contain only vegetable extracts in order to ensure a composition which damages no more the hair texture and natural color.