Hair Color Help

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Whether you’ve decided to dye your hair at home or need some advice on how to fix problematic hair colors you’ll find helpful information in this article. If you need some hair color help you need to be aware that you’ll get the best results by consulting a hair stylist, and if your hair is really damaged, or you’ve ruined your color professional help is recommended. Indeed, fixing hair color or repairing damaged hair are among the most expensive services you can get in a hair salon, but if you’re really desperate you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in something like that. Keep in mind that while it is not very difficult to dye your hair at home, obtaining a certain hair color can be challenging without the help of a hair expert.

If you just need some hair color help to find out what are the steps of dyeing your hair, here are some informative tips. After choosing your desired hair color dye test it on a small lock of hair that you’ve cut, or just try it locally, somewhere where the end results won’t be visible. If you’re satisfied with the result color you can safely apply it on your entire hair. Keep in mind that the hair dye gets more intense, the longer it is left on the hair. Therefore if you want a certain hair color, be mindful of how long you leave the hair dye on. When applying hair color it’s important whether it’s your first time and you’re applying on natural hair or if your hair has been processed before. This is because hair that’s already been processed absorbs the dye faster and better, so you’ll only have to leave it half of the time recommended on the box. Natural hair however will absorb it slower, so you need to follow the instructions exactly.

A great hair color help is to know what you’re looking for when shopping for hair dye. If you want to add highlights to your color, check out your highlighting kit’s volume number. On most bottles, you should find a V which stands for volume and the number before the letter indicates the potency of the bleach. You should select the highest available, like a 30 or 40V, as anything lower won’t lighten enough and could make your streaks orange.

Nevertheless, if you’ve damaged your hair with a color that doesn’t fit you or that is uneven and unflattering, the best hair color help you can get is from a professional. Not everyone is good at mixing colors and applying them for precise results, not even some hair stylists, which is why you should avoid coloring your hair at home in the first place. But if you’re desperate, there are some hair color removal products that can do the job, or you can go to a salon, and in a few visits they can restore you to the desired color.