Hair Care Tips

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Everyone has their hair care routine, whether it involves regular visits in a hair salon or just home treatments. Hair is problematic for most people, and we all struggle with untamed hair, finding the perfect haircut or hair color; we use shampoos and conditioners, masks, hair styling products and so on. All this styling can damage or stress the hair, causing it to break or fall, but with a few hair care tips this can be prevented or repaired. One of the most important hair care tips is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. In order to be shiny and strong, the hair needs some vitamins too, just like the rest of our body. The most important vitamins you have to supply your hair for it to be healthy are vitamins A, C, and the B group of vitamins, especially biotin which ensures the hair’s shine and elasticity.

Eating healthy food will have an overall positive effect on your body, and if your body is good then your hair and nails will be too. Make sure you consume enough proteins and fats too, because they’re important in preventing hair loss as well. Other hair care tips include avoiding stressful situations and anxiety and sleeping enough every night. Exhaustion, fatigue or anemia can all lead to hair loss, because without all the supplements our bodies need, more hair follicles go into the resting phase and consequently fall.

Over-styling is a common cause of hair loss, so if you are in need of hair care tips, the first thing you should do is to take it easy on the blow-dryer, hot curlers and flat irons, chemicals, foams, dyes, braids and weaves. An excess of all these will stress the hair follicles and weaken the roots, but if you change your styling habits you can reverse or prevent this process.

Protect your hair by maintaining good scalp hygiene; use mild shampoos and conditioners and try avoiding those that contain harsh chemicals. You can even make your own natural treatments and hair masks at home, using products like coconut oil, jojoba oil, lemon or vinegar. Applying lemon juice on dry hair will bring back its shine, and so will a bit of vinegar mixed in the rinsing water. For a healthier head of hair, brush two or three times a day, depending on its length, and have it trimmed every four or five weeks to help it regenerate and to prevent split ends.