Golf Outfit Ideas

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Golf is a sport which has many international rules and a peculiar dress code. It involves both the behavior of a player on a course and the way of dressing. The dress code varies for various golf clubs. For some courses, mainly in resorts, everything is fine as long as the players wear something comfortable. However, if you’re clueless about what to wear on the golf course, check out these guidelines.

Golf Outfits for women

Lately, more and more women have started playing golf, so manufacturers have adjusted and designed their own stylish golf clothes that also offer comfort. Women used to wear long dresses at the golf course (when they were allowed to play) before dressing in skirts or shorts.

What to wear

Opt for a golf shirt (with or without collar) or a polo, golf shorts or pants (no denim shorts), socks above the ankle, golf shoes with rubber studs and a cap or visor worn properly. A golf glove is also essential to prevent blisters. Even the pros play with a glove!
A good pair of golf shoes are highly recommended, for you to have a good stability in your strokes and to ensure maximum comfort. It’s very important to feel comfortable! So try clothes before buying them and stretch to make sure you feel comfortable to make your moves. Don’t let the clothes affect the quality of your game!
That being said, the important thing is to wear comfortable clothes, loose enough not to hinder the movements, while complying with the regulations.

What not to wear

An appropriate outfit for golf not only has a beautiful look, but is also comfortable. Each club has its own dress code. It is usually displayed at the entrance of the golf club. Without exception, jeans, tight pants, shorts that are too short, tank tops and high heels are prohibited. Avoid wearing sleeveless shirts or shirts with no collar on the golf course. Also, denim clothes are not suitable.

Golf outfits for men

A while ago, golfers used to wear a business suit or an outfit which consisted of a shirt with a tie and a jacket. The pants were often tucked into socks to avoid the wet grass. Sweaters in bright colors and plaid pants were turned into an ‘athletic’ uniform for the golf course.

What to wear

On the golf course, wear a collared golf shirt (tucked in), shorts or pants (not ordinary shorts), socks above the ankle, golf shoes and a cap or a visor. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen and water bottle! If it rains, think about wearing a waterproof jacket. Golf is played without problems in the rain, but not when it’s stormy (risk of lightning). Moreover, you should also consider your equipment. Whether or not you are a beginner, all golfers need rangefinders for saving time and improving their shots. If you don’t own such a gadget, check out the 2015 best golf rangefinder reviews and pick a suitable model. It is advisable to pick a slim rangefinder that can comfortably fit in your shirt’s front pocket. Also, when reading the 2015 best golf rangefinder reviews, look for waterproof products. As we said, golf is often played in the rain but you need to equip yourself properly.

What not to wear

Imagine a golfer who is dressed in a suit and tie; he would struggle to practice a good swing! Or when he dresses more casual and decides to wear jeans. Not only he will struggle to perform different types of movements required by the sport, but also there are chances for his outfit to be in violation of the dress code of his club. So, jeans and suits are not appropriate. Also, avoid wearing sleeveless shirts, jogging shorts and sandals or slippers.