Fashion trends worth knowing about in 2017

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Fashion trends worth knowing about in 2017

Fashion wise, the struggle is difficult, if you want to make your bits and pieces unique and more feminine. Fact is, in the last years, women have lost their femininity. Jeans are comfortable, of course, plain tees are easy to wear, your hair is just fine as it is. But with a couple of simple tricks, you can bring femininity in your style back. For instance, by using satin ribbons UK manufactured, you can prep up whatever pieces of clothing you desire. You don’t believe us? Keep reading and you’ll see.

Make your plain white tee unique with a black ribbon

You know those white, baggy-ish tees everybody is wearing, right? Those with a small front pocket! Yes, you could make those more feminine if you glue with a hot glue gun strips of black ribbon on the front pocket. Cut pieces of black ribbon slightly longer than the width of your pocket, and fold the ends in the back. Then glue a strip of ribbon, leave a space similar in width, and glue another one. Repeat these steps until you finish your pocket.

Bring your little black dress to life

Do you know what a great chromatic combination is? Black and red. What if you manage to find a way to integrate a piece of red satin ribbon on that classy little black dress of yours? We have an idea you might find appealing. You could apply a wide red satin ribbon on the waist area and mark it beautifully. Or you could create a gorgeous broche by making a couple of ribbon bows. Then apply them on a large safety pin by using a hot glue gun. Place the broche where you prefer and bring that old dress to life!

Style your hair using satin ribbons

If the ribbon on clothes trend is not quite your cup of tea, try the ribbon in hair trend. It is easy to accomplish and you can find your sources of inspiration around the web easily. But as a guideline, we do love that Bardot hairstyle in which she rocks a simple black ribbon on her light blonde hair. Make sure you pick contrasting colours for your ribbons!
These are a couple of ideas on how you can maintain a cool, trendy style in 2017. Make sure you invest in high quality ribbons so they will last a lifetime!