Fashion Themed Halloween Costumes

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If you are a fashion addicted who is always concerned about their looks and always wants to shine, Halloween is another opportunity for you to display your finest outfits. From all the Hollywood celebrities with a personal unmistakeable fashion style, it will not be hard to choose one that will make a great Halloween costume. Here are some of the trendiest fashion themed Halloween costumes inspired by the looks of celebrities.

Donatella Versace Halloween look

The famous Italian designer is known for her eccentricity and her bizarre outfits, which makes her a great choice for a Halloween impersonation. To pull out a Donatella look, you will need a platinum blonde wig, a couple of tan sprays to achieve that over-cooked aspect, a tight gold sequin dress, a pair of high heels and a bottle of lip plumper. The main element of this costume will be the wig of course. Wear your costume with a high class attitude and turn this look into one of the most sexy Halloween costumes 2015 ideas.

Karl Lagerfeld Halloween look

If you are a fashionista, you definitely know who Karl Lagerfeld is and you know how to create a Halloween costume that would resemble him. You will need a white wig with the hair pulled into a ponytail, a pair of black shades, a black suit with a tailored tucked in shirt, a large black tie, a metal necklace and a pair of fingerless leather gloves. With the right attitude, you will become the king of fashion.

Psy Halloween look

The Korean singer has become a trend due to his unique and unmistakable style and many people choose to impersonate him for Halloween. To get the “Gangnam style” you will need a pair of black pants, a blue tuxedo preferably with glitter on it, a bow tie, a pair of strange-looking shoes and the trademark sunglasses that made him so popular.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Halloween look

The Kim-Kanye couple is famous in Hollywood for their sophisticated and detailed appearances at every event they attend and it is not hard to imitate their looks. If you want to become them on Halloween, you have to analyze their outfits and choose from thousands of looks, from see-thru gowns and black suits to casual outfits with leather, chains and no colors. Given the wide variety of see through dresses that celebrities have worn this year, we are bound to see some sexy Halloween costumes 2015 appearances in October.

Victoria Beckham Halloween look

To create a Victoria Beckham look, you will need a bob wig, a black pencil skirt, a pair of large black shades, sky-high heels preferably with a red sole like the Louboutins, an oversized bag and a lookalike David Beckham next to you. The diva attitude and the inclined pose with the serious air are a must-have for this Halloween look.