Fashion accessories: a girl’s best friends

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Fashion accessories: a girl’s best friends

Wearing accessories is the best way of making your outfit look special. Also this fact has the role of helping you being in the spotlight and making a good impression. They are like salt and paper which give a good taste to your outfit. But, sometimes there are cases when you can make some mistakes when you choose your fashion accessories. This is the reason why we made two lists for you: one of them contains the mistakes you should avoid, in order to look beautiful and the second ones contains the items that, according to fashion designers, are a real must in this season.

Things to avoid

• You should be careful not to wear so many accessories because they can make you look like a Christmas tree. And another important rule is to take care to always match them properly.
• Fashion accessories have a great power. They can tell a lot about your mood or even personality. So, if you feel blue, you will have the tendency to wear dark colours and dark accessories items. But, if you want to make a good impression, it is better to avoid this thing. Try to see the funny side of things.
• Sometimes it is better not to match the entire outfit with the accessories. For example, if you wear blue, try to change the colour of your bracelets, rings or necklaces. Blues goes well with yellow. And if you are in doubts, go for black or white. These colours can easily match with everything.
• Do not match golden jewelleries with the ones made of silver. It is a very common mistake and if you want to look good, do not break this rule.
• Be careful when you choose the size of your accessories. There were times when the XXL jewelleries were much appreciated, but they were never a good option for wearing at job or school.

The most fashionable accessories that never go out of fashion

Accessories made of silver. Despite their value, they are a good recommendation for elegant events such as a wedding party. Just try to imagine a little black dress accessorised with some long silver ear rings.

Handmade fashion accessories. They are a good recommendation if you want to wear them with a girlie floral dress. Also, they are original and you avoid the risk of looking live someone else.

Large bag made of leather. Why precisely leather? Because it is one of the best quality materials. Try to go for versatile colours such as black or brown.

Warm large scarf that can protect you from cold. Very fashionable lately are those scarfs that look like a cape. So, they do not cover only your neck, but also your shoulders. And this is the real proof that accessories are not just cute, but also useful.

Belt that highlights your waist. If you choose black, you can wear it with dresses and skirts and also with trousers.

A pair of sunglasses. Wear them even during winter because their role is to protect you from ultra-violets. But try to find some glasses that can match your face.