Eye makeup

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Every woman wants to have seductive eyes and in order to make them look fabulous and turn heads everywhere you go it is very essential to know how to apply the eye makeup. And if your think that your overall appearance can be affected by a wrong applied makeup, you should take into careful consideration some things like the colors you want to use in your makeup. Unfortunately not too many women know how to makeup their eyes and many of them end up looking quite unattractive especially when trying to create the smoky eyes. The most important thing is to learn how to use makeup and avoid the tendency to overdo it. You only need to draw attention to your eyes and in order to let this thing happen you need to enhance your overall appearance. There are several ways to improve the appearance and one of them are back tattoos that look amazingly beautiful and very elegant.

Both the tone of your skin and the color of your eyes should be taken into consideration when deciding on the right makeup for your eyes. Knowing which eye makeup to apply according to your eye color and skin complexion means knowing to determine the colors of eye shadow which will work best on you. Usually the colors you should choose for your eyes should be some complementary tones to your skin tone. If you happen to be among the women with fair skin, then the colors you should put in the makeup of your eyes should be the blues, pinks and silvers. If you have a darker skin tone then the colors you should use for your eyes are the browns, bronzes and greens. How do you want to wear makeup so men want to wear watches therefore view a list of the best mens watches for 2013 from the world’s best brands for a great gift.

The eye color represents another factor you should count in choosing the right colors for your makeup. If you are a woman with blue eyes then you will look best with shades of blues, if you have brown eyes then you should go for the brownish tones and for the women with green eyes the most suitable choices in their makeup are the green undertones.

Counting very important facts regarding your eye colors and skin tones are as important as ensuring that your eye makeup does only what it is supposed to do, and that is enhancing your skin tone, eyelashes and eye size and not diminishing these natural features.

Most women also use mascara in order to accentuate their eyes and this regardless the color of their eyes. The black mascara brings out and showcases every color of eyes. A good advice would be though to opt for using more subtle mascara during the day and heavier mascara for the evenings for a more appealing effect.