Eye Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

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There are countless ways to create eye makeup, but in order to achieve a look that suits you, you have to take several things into account. The eye makeup has to suit the shape of your eyes, their color and the occasion for which you are putting it on. In this article we’ll deal with some eye makeup tips for blue eyes, because they are among the most difficult to compliment with eye shadow.

The following eye makeup tips for blue eyes can also be suitable for women with green eyes, or those with two or more eye colors, like yellow and green, blue and gray and other combinations. The simplest way to highlight blue eyes is to use brown eyes shadows and brown or dark brown eyeliners, because the richness and warmth of the brown enhance the blue color. One of the most important eye makeup tips for blue eyes is to avoid using completely black eye shadow or mascara, because they are too strong.

Some of the best eye shadow colors for blue eyes are whites, champagne, gold, grey shades, khaki, chocolate brown, plum, orange and about any shade of brown. As for eye liner, you’ll see that blue eyes are best complimented by colors like brown, camel, taupe, lavender, silver, gray and light purple shades, especially for women with blonde hair.

There are many eye makeup tips for blue eyes, but we’ve chosen a look that you can wear on a daily basis. Apply navy blue eyeliner on the upper lids, but only towards the middle, where the iris is. This will enhance the blue of your eyes and make them look more intense. Do the same for the lower lids, but a bit below the eyelashes. Finish the look with dark brown or charcoal eye liner, smudging and blending it with the blue. Next, curl your lashes with a simple eyelash curler, after which apply several layers of mascara. You can avoid spider lasher by purchasing a stiff eyelash comb to run through your eyelashes after each layer of mascara. You can apply one or two coats on the lower lashes as well.

The beauty of having blue eyes is that your face draws attention just because of your eyes, so you can opt for a natural makeup and still look gorgeous. By using a combination of orange and light brown you can highlight your eyes and look charming, and a grey eye shadow with glitter gray on the lower lid will represent a great eye makeup for evenings.