Essential Stain Removal Tips to Live By

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It’s probably fair to say that the subject of stain removal is one of the most pressing and potentially perplexing of all when it comes to women’s fashion. Try as you might, it is simply impossible to go through life without falling foul of a thousand and one different stains of all manner of different shapes, sizes and severity levels. Indeed, knowing exactly how to tackle stains like the professionals can make a difference between your favourite garment serving you proudly for years, or essentially being cast in the ‘not today’ pile for all eternity.
So as far as the professionals at are concerned, exactly what are the most important stain removal tips anyone with an interest in fashion could do with both learning and living by?

1 – Rapid Response

Well, the first and arguably most important tip of all is that of acting quickly at the first sign of even the slightest stain. Fresh stains are exponentially easier to get out than dry or old stains, so no matter what it is and what you have to do about it, do it fast! Even if it means rushing to the professional cleaners, get it done!

2 – Read the Instructions

Never, under any circumstances even think about using any kind of stain removal product without first fully reading the instructions and attached warnings. You may have used dozens of similar products before, but there are massive differences from one type of stain remover to the next. And if you do something silly without releasing it, you’ll destroy your garment.

3 – Test in a Hidden Area

The frequency with which this essential tip is overlooked is simply extraordinary…not to mention rather depressing. It’s a simple case of choosing an area of your garment that is totally hidden from view – perhaps on the inside – and seeing exactly how well or otherwise your chosen stain removal method works, before attacking a large area. If there’s a change in the colour or the very fabric itself appears damaged, at least you won’t to destroy the whole thing.

4 – Inside Out

Something else that almost everyone tends to get wrong when it comes to stain removal is the direction from which the stain is attacked. When you spot a stain on a garment, the instinctive reaction is to take to it head-on with the approach and products of your choosing. In doing so however, it’s often inevitable that what you will end up doing is pushing the stain deeper into the fabric until it goes right through to the other side. Logically speaking therefore, it makes much better sense to tackle the stain from the inside or back of the fabric/garment in question, rather than pushing it in deeper than it already is.

5 – Beware Bleach

Contrary to popular belief, it is in fact extraordinarily difficult to remove any kind of stain whatsoever by using bleach, without its having an adverse effect on the colour of the garment being treated. Diluted to weak it will have no effect at all – used too strongly it will seek to destroy your clothes.

6 – Never Mix Products

Another enormous mistake to stay away from at all costs is that of falling into the trap of assuming that if you combine a number of stain removing products together, the resulting effect will be something of a super-stain remover. \ In reality however, not only will you be coming up with a concoction that is almost guaranteed to wreak havoc with your fabrics, but you could also trigger a rather unpleasant chemical reaction that could lead to something quite harmful to your own health and wellbeing. It’s simply common sense never to mix solvents or chemicals of any kind if you do not know exactly what you’re doing – stain removal products being no exceptions to the rule.

7 – Industrial Strength

In a similar vein, it’s pretty easy these days to get hold of the most incredibly strong and powerful industrial and commercial stain removers, which in the right hands can be highly effective. However, if you simply go hell for leather with these kinds of products not knowing exactly what you’re doing, you’re again looking at potential consequences for both your garments and your health.

8 – Know When to Walk Away

Last but not least, there will always be certain stains that no matter how hard you fight them will simply never leave. It’s therefore important to ask yourself at a certain juncture whether it’s worth risking destroying your garment entirely, or whether you’d be better off accepting what is probably a very minor imperfection. And if all you’re looking at is the kind of tiny blemish that could easily be covered up with a brooch or badge, it’s a pretty simple solution.