Embroidery vs screen printing – which option is best for logos?

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Using logos to decorate clothes is a common practice in today’s fashion world, especially among creative women who like creating their own designs by mixing and matching various elements. The process is not at all complicated, because there are plenty of companies that can customise T-shirts, hoodies, caps and other items at an affordable cost, but some research is needed, because not all customisation processes are the same. For example, in the case of logos the two most common and popular options are embroidery and screen printing Calgary. If the company that does them uses top notch technologies, then they can both look stunning, but which one is better suited for logos and which is the most affordable?

Embroidery pros and cons

With embroidery, needles and threads are used to weave your logo directly into the piece of fabric, creating a three-dimensional effect. It can be done on many fashion items, but especially polo shirts, caps, denim jackets and fabric bags. This is the preferred customisation method of sports teams, brands and fashion designers and we recommended it too, because it looks very neat and classy. From a practical point of view, embroidery is superior because it will never wear off or lose its vibrancy. However, this method has its limitations: it can only be used on thick materials and cannot be used for large surfaces. Therefore, if you want to print big logo, for example cover the back of a T-shirt, you should choose screen printing.

Screen printing pros and cons

Screen printing allows more possibilities in term of logo shape, size and design. Although one-dimensional, it offers vibrant colors and, contrary to common belief, it doesn’t fade in time. It’s also faster than embroidery printing and easier to find, because most printing companies have this service. However, it only works for smooth fabrics, preferably cotton. You will never be able to screen print a logo on a baseball cap or on a textured bag. Also, it can look cheap, so if you’re printing something for business purposes, it can come across as unprofessional.

Which option is the most affordable?

Neither screen printing nor embroidery are expensive, so if you just want to customise one single T-shirt and this is your differentiating factor, you shouldn’t be worried. However, considerable price differences will appear when you start printing in large quantities. More often than not, printing companies offer massive discounts for bulk orders, because once the printing machine is set up, the process is fairly quick and easy. Also, for screen printing, prices may vary depending on the size of the logo, if it’s placed both on the front and at the back and even on the colour of the fabric on which the logo is printed. Last, but not least, each company has its own prices and offers, so before taking your ideas to the printing company, ask more multiple quotes online. Also, consider placing orders on websites and follow their printing requirements to make sure the logo looks amazing.