Dark Red Hair Color

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Red is probably the most intense and head-turning hair color, especially because it appears to rarely naturally. Women with red hair are considered sensual, sexy and appealing, so it’s no wonder many choose to dye their hair like that. There are many celebrities who’ve adopted dark red hair color themselves, and they are proof of how attractive red is. Just when we think of Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansson, Lindsay Lohan, Emma Stone, or Sophia Loren we realize how much influence red hair color has over our aspect.

If you’re thinking of getting dark red hair color, you should know that whereas red generally goes with any skin tone, paler and cooler skin tones are best suited with cool reds and warmer skin tones are best suited with rich reds like ginger, copper, strawberry blonde or auburn. As for darker skin tones, they too can look good in combination with red hair, but especially with cool reds with violet influences. In the end, it’s all about attitude, so don’t let these rules stop you from getting the shade of red you prefer. However, especially if your natural hair color is nowhere near red, it would be best to consult a hair stylist for some recommendations. Dark red hair color and red color in general come in a great variety of shades, and the difference between one tone and another could ruin or rejuvenate your aspect.

Furthermore, dark red hair color can be quite difficult to maintain, so having it applied by a professional in the first place could ensure longer-lasting effects for your dye. Other than that, the care you offer your hair at home is also essential in maintaining the shine and life of your color. Always use color-friendly shampoos and try to rinse your hair with cooler water, which closes the hair cuticles, thus keeping the color on for longer periods. There are shampoos specially designed for dark red hair color, so invest in some if you want your color to last.

Going for dark red hair color may be a better choice for those women who’ve never had red hair before, because it’s easier to go back to browns or blacks from there. Once you’ve settled with your dark red hair, you can decide if lighter shades would be a good thing for you or not. It can be difficult to determine exactly what shade of red is most suitable for you, but if you need help you can try the following thing: search for photos of red-haired women who have similar skin tones with your own and see which shades of red are best suited to them. That is at least a starting point for you, and from there on you can be a bit more confident in your search.